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Apple Watch Series 2

I recently received the Apple Watch Series 2 with the 42mm Gold Aluminum case and the Midnight Blue Sports Band as a gift from my sister. Having used the Garmin vivosmart HR for over a year or so, occasionally, I was never a fan of wearables/fitness bands. Garmin vivosmart HR was a dull device with some extra options than the rivals with an extra high price tag. I wore it around 30-40 times throughout the year and sold it less than half of its retail price.

MacBook Air - my first Apple product

It's been almost a year I have purchased my first Apple product - a 13 inch MacBook Air. Here are some photos I took when unboxing the product.
So, here I am after using this MacBook for almost a year. It was rather a difficult choice to spend additional 40 - 50k for this one without going to a traditional windows laptop. But believe me, you won't regret it. Certainly, I did not and I'm very happy I brought this.

First of all, the design is perfect. It has a unique premium feel which most of the other products lack. It is thin, in the most possible way, so you can carry or move it without an extra effort. The lightweight nature will make you forget that you are actually carrying a powerful laptop with you.

Then there's the operating system. As a new user to Mac OS, it took me a month or two to get used to the new interface. I'm sure that there are hidden options, which I still don't aware of in Mac OS. But even after a year, I get to know new features and surprises. I haven't had any software or virus issues. And I love the simple, minimalist yet powerful OS of this MacBook.

The most amazing feature I love about this is the start-up time and power-off time. Powering up only takes like 12 - 15 seconds and it certainly a plus point at the office with busy time schedules.

Another noticeable fact is the battery life, it is beyond imagination when comparing with other laptops. After a year of usage, I still have 97% healthy battery with more than 12 hours of operating time per single charge. However this battery life is correlated with the screen brightness, that is if your office desk is supplied with enough light, you can reduce the brightness of the MacBook and use it for longer hours.

Without piling up the unwanted software you can easily manage your daily dosage of computer operation even in a 128 PCI-based flash storage model, which I'm having.


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