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Initiative Q - my personal thoughts

These are my personal thoughts on initiative Q, the future money everyone is talking about. 

There’s nothing to lose, and it only takes a minute to join. Just create a new Gmail account if you have any doubts. I’ve been researching this quite a bit, and I think the concept is brilliant. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.
Everything starts with an idea to change how things have always been done. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

Here is a link to a podcast done with the CEO and Co-founder Saar Wilf, Initiative Q – Ponzi or Kosher?
Here is  Saar Wilf's LinkedIn, Saar Wilf
Also, their official videos explaining the initiative. What is Initiative Q - How it Works and What After Sign up - Ini…
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Apple Watch Hermès - 42mm Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour

Here is the Apple Watch Hermès - 42mm Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour, for people who appreciate the finest luxuries of life. 
Both Apple and Hermes have taken extra care in designing the strap as well as the packaging. Some people may argue that there is no point in designing an elegant box for a strap. However, I think that it is a necessity when this product is categorised as a luxury item and comes with a price tag of AUD 499.00. At this price point, buyers expect a quality product and extra special packaging. 
The strap is made out of the highest quality leather and stainless steel. With that, you have to take extra caution using it. The band is not water resistant and you should avoid oil and even lipstick. So, these are not recommended for everyone. Also, not for every occasion. 
You can browse through the images if you are interested in buying one. 

Apple Watch Series 2

I recently received the Apple Watch Series 2 with the 42mm Gold Aluminum case and the Midnight Blue Sports Band as a gift from my sister. Having used the Garmin vivosmart HR for over a year or so, occasionally, I was never a fan of wearables/fitness bands. Garmin vivosmart HR was a dull device with some extra options than the rivals with an extra high price tag. I wore it around 30-40 times throughout the year and sold it less than half of its retail price.

MacBook Air - my first Apple product

It's been almost a year I have purchased my first Apple product - a 13 inch MacBook Air. Here are some photos I took when unboxing the product.

IELTS Speaking - How to practice

If you are getting ready to participate in IELTS exam, either you attend an IELTS preparation course offered by a reputed institution such as British Council or you practice alone with the help of study material found on the Internet. There are tonnes of study materials course materials readily available on the Internet. You can download content from Torrent sites such as IELTS preparation books PDF and Listening materials MP3 by using a torrent client. Moreover, you can browse through a vast amount of IELTS lectures, instructions, tips and tricks videos available on YouTube.

While Listening and Reading modules can be practised by doing sample tests on the popular series of Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS (self-study edition) (1-10)book series, Writing and Speaking modules have to be practised separately. Of course, any book or visual aid might not help to succeed 100% in Writing and Speaking modules. It is the student himself have to practice by writing as much as content and show…

Central Air Conditioner Vs Individual Air Conditioners

Eventually, we all have to face the important question; when selecting an Air conditioning system for a House, Office building or a Multi-storey building; What is the best solution, Central A/C or Individual A/C ?

This is a multifaceted problem with no exact answer. Basically, each solution will depend on each case's parameters and requirements.

Size / Capacity
The main deciding factor between a Central A/C system and using individual units is the total room area you want to cover up. Simply if you want to provide conditioned air to two-bed rooms and a living room of a house, the most suitable solution is to go for individual A/C units, specifically single split type units. If you are an energy conservative type person, you can go for Inverter Type A/C's with few extra money than the standard units.

Another deciding factor is your budget, that is how much money you are going to spend for this purpose. However if you need to install A/C's to a multi-storey office build…

Checklist for Final Payment

Final Payment is one of the important or rather the most important type of payment in contract administration. Because any mistake in mobilization advance, part payment, on account payment, material on-site payment, retention payment or extra payment can be adjusted by a later payment, which makes the final payment critical in every aspect.

Therefore it is essential to follow a checklist in calculating and finalising the Final Payment minimising possible errors.Further relevant sections in this checklist can be fill up by responsible parties such as Engineer, Procurement Entity and Accountant

Following points can be guided to create a Final Payment Checklist depending on variations according to different types of contract administration.

1. Is the mobilization advance completely recovered. ?
2. Are the taxes for mobilisation advance correctly calculated.?
3. Are material on site payments were done ?
4. Are utility bills settled ?
5. Are client supplied material/equipment costs deducte…